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trekking in atlas moutains marrakech

As you traverse rugged terrain and winding trails, immerse yourself in the stunning natural beauty of the region. Encounter traditional Berber villages nestled amidst picturesque valleys, where warm hospitality and authentic cultural experiences await. Marvel at panoramic vistas of snow-capped peaks, deep gorges, and verdant valleys, offering moments of tranquility and awe-inspiring wonder. Whether you’re a seasoned hiker or an adventurous spirit seeking new horizons, this trek promises an enriching and memorable exploration of Morocco’s captivating landscapes.


tour program :

  • Arrival at Marrakech airport, welcome by our representatif , transfer to hotel in Imlil once all group members have arrived (we recommend morning check-in). Possibility of a stopover at the Souk d’Asni (only on market days). In Imlil, we’ll be staying at the charming and welcoming Riad Jnane Imlil, where we’ll dine on traditional Berber food. Afterwards, free time for a stroll around this charming Berber and mountain village, sipping mint tea and starting to discover its wonderful people and culture.
  • After a hearty traditional breakfast at Riad Jnane Imlil, at 9 a.m. we hand over our bags with our belongings to be loaded onto the mules, which are taken care of by the support staff: (muleteer/s and cook). With our expert guide, we set off along the mule trails past the photogenic village of Armed at 1,850 meters, towards the Marabout Sidi Chamharouch at 2,350 meters, a much-frequented saint revered by pilgrims suffering from spiritual ailments, also known as the Sultan of the Devil, where we lunch on a delicious meal prepared à la minute by our cook.
  • We continue on to the refuge through the impressive and striking Atlas landscape, after a break for traditional tea at Imi n’Tifrite, we’ll arrive at the refuge via the Isgan n’Wagouts enclosures. The French Alpine Club’s Neltner refuge, at 3,207 meters, is where we’ll spend the night in shared dormitories. Our team will prepare tea for us on arrival, followed by dinner to replenish our strength. We’ll need to get to bed early because (4 to 5 hours walking)
  • The next day we complete our challenge: the roof of North Africa.
    We have to get up very early, to start the climb at four in the morning. We’ll first climb to the Akhbi n’Tizi pass to the left of the refuge at 3,700 m, then gently cross a wide canal, reaching the Col du Toubkal at 3,950 m, where we may be lucky enough to catch a spectacular sunrise.
  • From the Col, we continue the ascent along the Arête du Toubkal, which takes us to the summit of the peak at 4,167 meters, where we pause to rest after a three-and-a-half-hour walk, picnic, take photos of exceptional views of the Atlas massif, verdant valleys and Berber villages, and enjoy panoramic views of Mount Djbel Siroura at 3,500 meters, known as the gateway to the desert.
  • After a two-hour descent to the refuge, we rest and descend to Marabout Sidi Chamharouch at 2,350 metres, where our team will be waiting for us as always with a cup of tea, and will have prepared the regenerating meal. Once we’ve rested and regained our strength, we’ll take a less difficult trail down to Imlil.
    (5 to 6 hours walking, ascent and 3 to 4 hours descent to Imlil)

The best option is not to be lazy and make the most of our time in Morocco. We suggest you get up a little early to leave at eight in the morning for Marrakech, and depending on your flight schedule (we advise you to take it for the afternoon), enjoy the Medina, have lunch and after lunch, we’ll drive you to the airport. 


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