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Tangier is a town in northern Morocco, close to the Strait of Gibraltar. It is known as the meeting point between the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea, making it a unique geographical location.

The city of Tangier is a popular tourist destination, attracting visitors from all over the world with its mix of Arab, Berber and European influences. Its history dates back to antiquity, but it peaked in the 19th and 20th centuries as an international city.

Tangier has a fascinating mix of architecture, with traditional Moorish buildings and more recent European influences. The narrow streets of the city’s medina are filled with shops, markets and traditional cafes, while the new city is home to modern hotels, restaurants and trendy shops.

The region surrounding Tangier is also rich in historical and natural sites. The nearby Hercules caves are a popular tourist destination, with their mysterious opening in the shape of a map of Africa. The beaches of the Atlantic coast also offer beautiful scenery and are popular for swimming and surfing.

The region of Tangier is also renowned for its cuisine. Fresh seafood is a specialty, with dishes such as fish tagine and abundant seafood grills in restaurants.

Tangier and its region offer visitors the opportunity to discover a cosmopolitan city, rich in history, culture and varied landscapes. Whether it is to get lost in the bustling streets of the medina, enjoy the sun on a sandy beach or explore historic sites, Tangier is a must-see destination in Morocco.