MOROCCO beach resort 🏖️


Saidia is a beautiful seaside town located in the Oriental region of Morocco. With its white sandy beaches, spectacular natural sites and varied tourist activities, it is a popular destination for visitors looking for relaxation and adventure. It is located on the Mediterranean coast, with a pleasant Mediterranean climate, with warm temperatures in summer and mild in winter.

The Saidia region is also full of natural sites to explore, such as the Rif Mountains, which offer superb hiking and panoramic views. The region is also home to the Ajdir Biosphere Reserve, a natural habitat for many species of birds and plants.

The city offers a variety of activities for visitors, including water sports such as sailing, jet skiing and diving. Golf lovers will also enjoy the Saidia Golf Course, one of the most beautiful in the country.

In terms of culture, the Saidia region is rich in Moroccan traditions. Visitors can stroll through the local souks, where they can buy traditional handicrafts such as pottery and carpets.