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Essaouira is a coastal town located in the southwest of Morocco, about 2 hours drive from Marrakech. The city is famous for its ancient fortified medina, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, which houses many historic buildings such as the Skala de la Ville, an 18th century fortress, and the Mohammed V Mosque built in 1950.

The town is also known for its beautiful sandy beach, which stretches for several kilometres. Essaouira is a popular destination for water sports such as on and windsurfing.

The Essaouira region is also full of charm. Visitors can explore the traditional fishing villages along the coast and discover attractions such as the fishing port of Essaouira and the Thuya Forest, a century-old cedar forest.

The region is also known for being a major producer of argan oil, which is extracted from the argan nuts, an endemic tree of Morocco. Visitors can visit local cooperatives to discover the production process and buy local products such as argan oil and cosmetics.

The Essaouira region is also a meeting place for music lovers, with the famous Gnaoua and Musiques du Monde music festival, which takes place every year in summer and attracts artists and visitors from all over the world.