1 Day Tour to El Jadida from Casablanca.

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Tour to El Jadida from Casablanca.

Experience the allure of El Jadida on a day trip from Casablanca. Discover the town’s historic treasures, including the UNESCO-listed Portuguese Cistern and the charming medina. Enjoy leisurely walks along the seaside promenade and indulge in fresh seafood delights for lunch. With its blend of history and coastal beauty, El Jadida promises a memorable escape from the city. Join us for a day of exploration and relaxation in this enchanting coastal gem


tour program :


  • Departure from Casablanca: Start early in the morning to make the most of your day. Depart from Casablanca towards El Jadida, which is approximately a 2-hour drive depending on traffic.
  • Arrival in El Jadida: Arrive in El Jadida around mid-morning. Start your exploration by visiting the famous landmark, the Portuguese Cistern. This underground chamber is a stunning architectural marvel built in the 16th century to store water.
  • Walk around the Old Town: Take a stroll through the charming streets of the Old Town (Medina). Admire the historic Portuguese and Moorish architecture, and explore the local markets where you can find handicrafts, souvenirs, and local delicacies.


  • Lunch: Enjoy a delicious Moroccan lunch at one of the local restaurants or cafes in the Old Town. Sample some traditional dishes such as tagine, couscous, or freshly grilled seafood.


  • Visit the Portuguese Fortress: After lunch, head to the seaside to visit the Portuguese Fortress, also known as the Cité Portugaise. Explore the ramparts and bastions of this well-preserved fortress, which offers panoramic views of the Atlantic Ocean and the city.
  • Relax on the Beach: Spend some time relaxing on the beautiful sandy beaches of El Jadida. Take a leisurely walk along the coast, soak up the sun, or dip your toes in the refreshing waters of the Atlantic.


  • Explore the Lighthouse: Visit the El Jadida Lighthouse (Phare d’El Jadida), which stands tall at the entrance of the harbor. Climb to the top for more stunning views of the coastline and the city.
  • Shopping and Souvenirs: Before leaving El Jadida, take some time to shop for souvenirs and gifts to remember your trip. You can find a variety of handicrafts, ceramics, textiles, and local products in the shops and markets.

Return to Casablanca:

  • Departure: Depart from El Jadida in the late afternoon, heading back to Casablanca. Enjoy the scenic drive back, or take a rest after a day of exploration.
  • Arrival in Casablanca: Back to Casablanca in the evening .Reflect on your day trip to El Jadida and the memorable experiences you had 



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